Dew Drops

Dew Drops - true to its name, is a residential layout that promises to bring you closer to nature. With its long, winding pathways that interlock the entire layout, you are sure to find a haven of bliss amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. A luxurious, serene, private space is what you will get here. Strategically located in East Bangalore, the area is an eminently accessible to all major Hubs within the city. Shopping malls, schools, hospitals and the like are conveniently located around the area We offer a number of options in the form of villa plots, spread over a lush 6 acres, 35 guntas(number of plots) 116. We believe that your home should be an expression of who you are, and that is the reason why we offer completely customizable plots, where you can build your dream home, just the way you want.

Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance

Jitendra Tiwari - Marketing Consultant

Behind the Secene

Our effort to provide people a green gallery


Where Dew Drops Located?

Dew Drops is beautifully located two adapted lifestyles and next to the historical place.. Which been followed by rich neighbourhood. It has complete reach of those necessity and can be calmly assisible.


How to Reach Dew Drops?

10 Kms From Sarjapura, 20 Kms From Outer Ring Road, and 15 Kms From IPLT is the main attraction for this layout. Layout has ability to connet and easy access to all the main so called IT sector, simply by driving 20 Minutes.